Topic: What is Hubble Connect for VerveLife products?

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Hubble Connect for VerveLife can greatly enhance your earbud experience. Download app for free at the App Store® or Google PlayTM (AndroidTM 4.4.4 or higher).

  • Locate a lost earbud: Locate on a map the last time your earbud was connected to your device.
  • Adjust the equalizer: Choose from six preset sound profiles so your tunes sound the way you like.
  • Pass-Through Audio (default OFF): Stay in tune with your surroundings by turning Pass-Through on to hear noises around you. 
  • Ear Detect (default ON): When Ear Detect is on, the earbud automatically turns on when it detects it is in your ear and turns off when both earbuds are removed from your ears.

When Ear Detect is off, earbuds will remain on when connected to your device until you put them in the case. 

  • Voice Prompts: Choose a new language for Voice Prompts from the available section. 






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