Topic: What do the indicator lights on my Sliver II mean?

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The indicator lights on your device have a special meaning. 

The charts listed below will help you understand exactly what these indicator lights mean.

 Headset Status Light



Headset Status Light

light shows... your headset is...
two blue blinks, pause, repeat: powered on & searching for a device
steady blue for three seconds, then off: connected to a device
flashing red: charging, battery at low power
flashing yellow: charging, battery at medium power
flashng green: charging, battery at high power
steady green: connected to charger, battery fully charged


Charge Case Status Light

light shows... your case is...
flashing red: being charged, battery at low power
flashing yellow: being charged, battery at medium power
flashing green: being charged, battery at high power
steady red: less than 30% charged
steady yellow: 30% - 70% charged
steady green: fully charged

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