Topic: How can I operate the call functions of the device?

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When connected to two phones, the voice prompts help manage cal functions such as voice dial, redial, and end call. Follow the voice prompts to execute a function on the desired phone.

Answer Calls
• When phone rings.
• Press the call button.

Reject Call
• When phone rings.
• Press and hold the volume up or volume down button until you hear a tone.

Make a Voice Dial Call
• Press the call button.
• Follow the voice prompts.

Redial Last Call
• Press and hold the call button until you hear an audio tone, then follow the voice prompts.

Mute or Unmute a Call
• During a call, press the mute button, you'll hear, "Mute On" or "Mute Off". (The Mute light will stay solid red while muted.)

Answer second incoming call
• During a call, press the call button. The current call is placed on hold so you can answer second call.

Reject second incoming call
• Press the volume up or volme down button.

End a call
• Press the call button. If call is on hold, it is resumed.

Note: Your device supports both Handsfree and Headset A2DP and AVRCP Profiles. Accessing call & music functions depends upon which profile your phone supports. See your phone's user's guide for more information.

Note: The voice prompts are only available in English.

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