Speedy conversations now available

Roadster 2 automatically turns on and connects with your phone when you enter your car. When you're ready to leave it automatically turns off, saving battery life. Listen to calls or stream music on a powerful 2-watt speaker or through car speakers using the FM transmitter. Have crystal clear calls with Crystal Talk technology on Roadster 2. Your speakerphone's dual microphone noise cancellation and echo control settings block out background noise in the car better than other speakerphones.
Roadster 2

Make Your Move

Motion-activated on/off saves battery life and is ultra convenient.

Roadster 2

Sound Off

Dual Microphone Noise Cancellation and Echo Control settings block out background sound so you can hear loud and clear.

Roadster 2

Wireless that works

Connect to all kinds of devices, phones, laptops, MP3 players, you name it—our accessories play well with others.


Speedy conversations now available

MOTOSPEAK™ application

Hear and dictate texts with enhanced MotoSpeak™

Spoken Text Messages

MotoSpeak™ Android app reads messages aloud

Battery type


On/off switch

Standby time

up to 3 weeks

Talk time

up to 20 hours

Advanced Multipoint

Connect and receive calls from two phones simultaneously

CrystalTalk™ technology

Dedicated mute button

Easy Mute

Echo cancellation

Noise Cancellation (dual-mic)


87 grams

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