A wireless pet fencing system for home and travel
The Motorola WIRELESSFENCE25 is a great way to keep your dog from straying both at home and while traveling. This unique pet fencing system uses a small wireless transmitter that creates a circular boundary to protect your pet and keep him from wandering, and two training modes – tone only and 15 levels of static correction – train your dog to respond to the warning tone prior to any static correction. The lightweight water resistant (IP54) collar unit and rechargeable battery pack allow you to take the WIRELESSFENCE25 with you to the park, the beach, or the relatives' house.

Fifteen levels of static correction, from very gentle to firm
The WIRELESSFENCE25 features two training modes. The warning tone only mode does not produce any static stimulation – only a beep tone. The 15 levels of static correction assist in discouraging inappropriate behaviors. The lowest levels are a hardly perceptible tickle while the highest levels are very firm, effective with high drive, difficult dogs under the most critical of situations.
Use indoors or outdoors
The ultimate in flexibility, only the WIRELESSFENCE25 can be installed indoors or outside, and can be operated for shorter periods of time on the included rechargeable battery pack – great for training your dog not to wander from your backyard or to keep him close during camping or other family trips. It has up to 1 acre circular coverage area when there is a clear line of site between wireless fence unit and collar unit. Range may vary depending on area of installation of wireless fence unit indoors.

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